My boutique animation services offer great creative artistic vision at an affordable price. My mission is to produce the highest quality animation that will captivate your target audience, enhance your brand image, and effectively communicate your message.

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- What other customers have to say -
"Richard has been a real "find" for me. His animations have been a great asset for our advertising initiatives, enabling us to bring our bedding technologies to life. As we have increased our demands on Richard, he has rose to the occasion and delivered beyond our expectations, always on time and always on budget."
"The animation was breathtaking and helped draw people to our exhibit."
  Graeme Meredith, Advertising Manager 
Sleepyhead Manufacturing 
NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
Randal Jackson, Senior Interactive Media Producer
"The animation was a fantastic tool and the presentation served to captivate the leaders of our community and helped generate a clear understanding of what we were trying to achieve."
  Rotorua Regional Airport 
  Matt Clarke, Chief Executive Officer
"Richard did a great job for us, and the animation has received enormous praise for its innovation and style."
  Wholesale Cars Direct 
  Ross Rutherford, Director 
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